Rally the Forces: International Regrouping


Join Tiger Coll, during this Christmas Camp, for a special program of regrouping and advancement. Bring your energy together for your year to come! Set your energy for both the calendar year, as well as the spiritual year.

This program and camp will give you a tremendous opportunity to release things holding you back, be a more free & peaceful and direct your energy going forward.

“Everything that is here, is for your benefit. All the challenges would not be possible, if not for the solutions within you. When things begin to impose on your freedom, that is the time to share all that you are; to be the sun in your solar system; to shine. In other words, it is all a means to an end and you are here to do something great. You are not here to get stuck in other people’s fears. Truly knowing when to play-the-game, when not to and how to enjoy the process. That is part of your purpose and plan. This spiritual year is a year of fusion. All that is needed to harness it is your willingness to channel it.”

Tiger Coll

Location Date Time Cost
Sydney Australia 27 – 29 Dec 21 7:00am – 10:30am $200.00 AUD
Auckland New Zealand 27 – 29 Dec 21 9:00am – 12:30am $200.00 NZD
Washington DC USA 26 – 28 Dec 21 3:00pm – 6:30pm $150.00 USD
Canada 26 – 28 Dec 21 3:00pm – 6:30pm $200.00 CAD
London UK 26 – 28 Dec 21 8:00pm – 11:30pm £125.00 GBP

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Here are just a few areas that will be covered during this program:

  • Clarifying your spiritual & material goals for this Spiritual Year.
  • Creating a spiritual road-map for navigating life’s challenges and opportunities.
  • Attracting Spirit and energy with enthusiasm.
  • Experience the some of the new Spiritual Freedom series

Home Study program:

  • Personal & Spiritual regrouping and ‘Keys’ to expand.
  • Personal expansion and growth Techniques.
  • A Snap-shot of the upcoming 2022 International Regrouping.
  • Having the camaraderie & fellowship while regrouping.
  • And more …


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