Guardian Angels


  • Have you ever had chills – these are from your guidance as they come close and give you a boost of energy.
  • Inner Guidance is the small voice within which tells you everything is going to be all right.
  • Your guidance, your spiritual helpers are here to help you with your life purpose.If you ask for wisdom, you’ll receive it.
  • A person can learn to communicate at will with their guidance.


This Orientation Profile will help you know who you are, where you have been and where you are going in your life. It takes 1 hour. It is a private consultation press the consultants button to book your appointment.

What is your first Spiritual Gift?

Everyone has the four spiritual gifts of Prophecy, Vision, Intuition and Feeling (healing). In this profile you will find out what your first, second, third and fourth gifts are and how to use them effectively in your everyday life.  This is how your guardian angels communicate with you on a sensitivity level.

Spiritual Sensitivity

How much of the time are you listening? Your inner guidance will tell you how much of the time you are picking up information from them and how much of the time you are in the right place at the right time.

Distribution of Energy

How much are you directing your personal energy behind your goals? Your angels will also tell you how much of your personal energy you are directing in a positive way, a negative way and how much indecision is keeping you from accomplishing your material and spiritual goals in life.

Outside Pressures

You will also find out if there is any outside pressure, or negativity that is keeping you from communicating clearly with your spiritual helps. Sometimes there is pressure and sometimes not. If there is pressure, it will be clarified how to release it

How to communicate directly with your Guardian Angels

A special technique will be shown to you so that you can ask direct questions and receive direct answers back from your spiritual guidance. You will become aware of where your angels touch you on your physical body with ‘chills or goose bumps’ when they come near you and how they affect your personality.