Lectures & Workshops

Circle of Love fellowship

I am a reflection of my State of Conscousness”


Get a big picture of the relationship between your physical and spiritual worlds.

Understand how you are unconditional love, a spiritual energy that can heal yourself and others through understanding your experiences this and other lifetimes.

Feel the simplicity in life when you are “One with all things” and work with the vibration of live and let live.

Life is simple, when your thoughts and feelings are in tune and balanced, through techniques like Spiritual Cleansing and Love Feast you can stay relaxed and move smoothly through any challenging situation.

How has a lack of consideration in your first seven years led to “better than – lesser than” concepts in your interactions and communications which may have created feelings of being overwhelmed.

Join us in a 4 Hour on-line Lecture – Workshop and begin to explore and expand your innate inner love.


Inner Peace Movement

“I will be brave and challenge myself to step out of my confort zone to increase my limits, I am limitless”

Angel Workshop

“How Psychic are you?”

Work with your Angels and Spiritual Cleansing

  • Clearing of the mind and soul helps to release tension.
  • Attune yourself to the highest possible energy of the universe.
  • Refine your inner light to a frequency that cuts through any tension or negativity.

You are a Soul

  • Become one with yourself and expand your feelings of oneness with all things.
  • Unfold your loyalty and self-leadership.

All the help you need is available to you

  • As a free soul before coming to planet earth you came prepared with all the help you need to be successful.
  • Guidance share insights in areas you want to master in yourself.

Choose your situation

  • Experience Psychic energy techniques.
  • Find ways to unfold your Psychic gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Psychometry and Trance Mediumship.
  • Direct your thoughts and feelings to be successful in your environment.

Astro Soul

Expand your understanding of the fifth dimension

  • Soul Travel in Space and Time
  • Psychic Trips to the Source

Watch this space