Psychic Fair

Messages from your angels

  • In this fun and unique psychic fair you get direct and clear messages from your angels.
  • You receive three brief 5 minute readings from different Psychic readers for $15.
  • These messages are things your angels want to share with you.
  • You will become more connected with your angels and trust and know they are with you all the time.
  • There will be a talk on angels, energy and psychic gifts if you wish to stay and learn more.

Coming Event – January 2021

Bookings essential

This is an online event so click the button to receive a link.



Using the the gift of vision a Clairvoyant can get an impression of your energy or aura.


Helps you find out a past life that you have had – who you were, where you were and what you did.  But most importantly how the experiences of that life time are affecting you now. 


Will psychically communicate with your soul part and spirit guides (angels) to help you gain insights into your life purpose and direction in life.

workshop on being psychic

Experience your own psychic ability and have fun learning to work with your Guardian Angels

tarot, cards, magic-3764407.jpg
“Let Tarot tell a story”


Says It’s in the Cards: PAST PRESENT and FUTURE.

“Physician heal thy self”

chakra dR

Is the Charkra Doctor who will help you heal.