Free Talk – Professional

Be a friend to yourself

“Break through the wall”

  • Understand the Balance between thoughts and feelings
  • What are your motives
  • What is being a free agent in the universe
  • Manipulation; how do I it
  • Claim my right to be heard
  • How do I punish myself when I know better
  • Assertion is claiming my space, putting in boundaries

Tuesday 15 February at 7:00pm

it’s a matter of perspective

  • Why do I do, what price?
  • What is my calling, what is my mission
  • Enjoying the journey or going through the motions
  • Looking at the little picture not the big one
  • Who is the driver of your vehicle
  • What is your craft or claim to fame
  • What is the feeling of fulfilment

Thursday 17 February at 7:00pm