Here is a list of consultants, the profiles they do and how to contact them. Most profiles can be experienced over Zoom, Skype, or in person. Most last about an hour and are usually a one-to-one consultation. You will receive a profile sheet that contains all the pertinent information.


Joan Collett

Email: – Mobile +61 416 222 695

Joan is a creator of balanced and strategic solutions. She derives satisfaction when contributing to others achieving their goals. Joan specifically collaborates with people to create calmness, so they are free to live an unlimited life. Joan sees this as her greatest work.

New Zealand


Tomas has been involved in spiritual work all his life. He believes in himself, his wisdom and his dreams. Communicating with his inner guidance at five years old, he decided to believe in himself rather than a religion or other system. Today, after living over 70 years of growth, experimentation and learning he seeks to pass on his wisdom before he does. Life is meant to be enjoyed – every moment of it. If it is not enjoyable it’s because a concept – something you learned – is trying to stop you from being you. There is a solution.

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